We are committed to sustainable development.

GEENERA is committed with sustainability development trough processes such as renewable energy projects of management, creation and promotion. Its aim is to contribute directly with social welfare, environmental balance and increased competitiveness.

GEENERA is not estrange to the world reality, we understand how important is to improve and commit the projects with business models being responsible with humanity. We take advantage of every opportunity to make each challenge into a successful result.

Our main premise is to go beyond of giving just profitability to the boards and shareholders, it also aims to search those high levels of shared value and sustainability over the time.

We make the balance between profitability generation, social development and environmental impacts reduction, because we guarantee we can reach our goal to give sustainability to our projects operation.


GEENERA is activetelly working in its commitment to sustainability in all the circle of value, including its clients and providers. In this fact GENEERA aim is to work towards all the goals projected to make effective actions for a long time.


GEENERA looks forward to motivate the stakeholders involved with a major commitment towards sustainability. This means that GEENERA recommends to all of its providers to achieve policies and specific actions to enhance its efforts to improve socioeconomic well-being. We assure we are consistent on what we do and what we show we do. This is why we do an exhaustive selection to find the best providers and evaluate social, environmental, management and structural factors to each of them.

Selection of providers is a part of our comprehensive value promise. Consequently, GEENERA looks forward to stablish long term commercial relations, so through them the parties involved will make the sustainability and benefits as a mutual goal based on cooperation and continuous improvement.


+ Abolution of Child Labour
+ Non-practice of Forced Labour
+ Freedom of Association and the Right to Collective Bargaining
+ Working Hours and Minimun Wages


+ Price and Trading Conditions
+ Acuare Communication Skills and Confidence
+ Anticorruption Policies


+ Waste and Raw Materials Management
+ Natural Resources Protection
+ Awareness about the Importance of Biodiversity
+ Reduction emissions of carbon dioxide and other gases responsible for the greenhouse effect
+ Awareness for Responsible information and acts increasing resource efficiency and promoting recycling


+ Most Efficient management in Operations and the Supply Chain
+ Business Model


Every party involved into our chain of production is cared by us to input and transfer its value to our clients, to achive our sustaitabilty, social responsibility, enviromental responsibility policies and all the added value we offer. For this reason, GEENERA is seeking to be a strategic partner of every single client to actively contribuit on de develop of their business model.

Part of our promise, in order to put our and the clients efforts in the right track, GEENERA communicates and exhibits the added value for each one of the projects that have been done. This way, as a matter of fact, both the project and company can apply Green Marketing Policies with a sustainability, business and environmental care commitment plan.


Innovation is the central thread of every business model. This is why GEENERA is aware about this globalized world, with high quality and capability standards. For this reason, GEENERA bets on innovation as a differentiating factor which contributes directly to increase in its own, the industry and its client’s competitiveness.
We will be allowed to keep being as a company which take practice of its policies from the excellence, innovation, sustainability and fulfillment with the allocation of resources to develop solutions which creates added value.


GEENERA focuses on research, developing and innovation. We have the absolute commitment to develop the energy sector in Colombia. Currently, we have supported efforts to step up conservation management and structure the Centro de Desarrollo Tencnológico de la Energía de Colombia (CTEC). Such an initiative was planned hand in hand with the Gobernación de Santander and one of our international partners Instituto Tecnolígico de la Energía de España (ITE). We are sure and we also believe that this will be the first step for Colombian and international business to increase their I+D+I in the country.

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