Photovoltaic solar energy consists in the directly transformation of the solar energy radiation. Such transformation happens via photovoltaic panels through the exciting of electrons from a semiconductor which generates a power difference.

To build short, medium and long solar generation projects, allows us to count on efficient solutions to any kind of need. We provide our customers with our experience in isolated systems, network systems and solar farms as well.

¿What does GEENERA do in terms of energy?

Isolated systems

Thanks to the technology we can have power in remote locations. This way, it’s possible to provide energy to houses in the rural area, mountain refuges, water bumpers, livestock facilities, beaconing systems, communications systems, etc. Isolated systemas are made from using solar energy through photovoltaic panels and the power storage generated by panels in batteries.

Network systems

This application consist to generate electricity through photovoltaic panels, injecting it into the network. Nowadays, Colombia have new policies which make the technology development easier to support the national energy system.

The production of solar electricity fulfill to depreciable facilities for an approximate time of 7 to 10 years.

This kind of photovoltaic plants might start in little places or facilities from 1 to 5 kwp in our deck, or those with 100kpw in either industrial warehouses roof or ground, or even in those plants with 1 megawatt, according to Colombian laws.

Generation plants (solar farms)

Large photovoltaic plants are set of panels in which surfaces take the sunlight and transforms it to clean energy. This facilities, are called “solar farms”, which uses a vast extension of land. They can be use with different technologies, depending on the physical characteristics and the existing solar radiation.

There are two ways to find solar farms: by fixed structures (fixed land panels) or mobile structures (one or two axis solar tracking which are moving depending on the high and path of the sun during the day).

Photovoltaic plants over land consist in inverters, which turns the direct current generated into alternating current and to pass from high to low voltage, in line with the consumption.

The energy coming from photovoltaic plants is injected in the network connection point and is distributed in the whole country through the National Interconnection System.

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Current Condition Analysis

A competent analysis of the current conditions allows to structure the bases in which the project is going to be carried out. To identify the principal needs in each client lets each project to be unique and customized.

Structuring the Project

During the structuring phase the integration of different approaches allows as to submit solid and well-designed projects adapted to the specific technical, legal, financial and tributary requirements, letting our clients to count with a holistic advisory for each project.

Application and Technology

It is important to have the access to the leading technology to bring quality, reliability and efficiency to the projects. For this reason, GEENERA, through the Processing and Technology Department will be giving continuous improvement to the costumer by acquiring helpful and conducive technology to achieve the goals of each project.

Engineering and Construction

The project execution phase integrates different engineering fields. From infrastructure tasks to industrial services, electric facilities and implementation of the energy system selected.

Operations and Maintenance

The accurate project’s operation and maintenance is a part of our compliance program taking into account the goals that have been set. Our team will be ready to solve whatever assistance required to prevent, correct and/or unexpected occurrence.

All our projects come with GEENERA care included, providing support, maintenance and management of the warranty for a limited time. With GEENERA care + you can access the total coverage of your system for annual periods.






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