GEENERAcare offers you a year of technical and phone assistance with different types of reparation.

When you subscribe to GEENERAcare services you are going to be able to solve all your questions about parts, its uses and operation. Furthermore, you are going to find solutions to every situation that the system may throw. This way you can profit your projects by our help trough the phone or asking for appointment for repair from any city in the country.

GEENERAcare advantages add up to our clients rights as an additional value, the repairing or replacement of small electrical components which are not in conformity with the contract within the established period of time of the hired project. The client can also complain against the supplier (manufacturer) if it is not possible complain against the seller.

As GEENERAcare has a limited time, we also offer the possibility to get cover for annual periods with GEENERAcare+. With GEENERAcare+ your project will have coverage for its operational lifetime.

With GEENERAcare+ must be renew consecutively as well. This way you will get to enjoy certain benefits which are included in GEENERAcare.


As GEENERA structures, design, operate or maintains energetically systems, all GEENERA projects are totally integrated systems. On top of that, GEENERAcare offers integrated services with technical and maintenance in charge of an expert group and thus the majority of problems can be solved with one phone call.

  • Direct Access to the expert group
  • Door-to-door service support
  • Telephone support


GEENERAcare brings the support issued by GEENERA which are all covered by the technological providers. The guarantees specifications will be given as a part of the project with along with their respective scope.

  • Telephone and Door-to-door support guarantee
  • Collateral management
  • Repairing and technology replacements


GEENERAcare offers additional repairing options local labour by authorized technicians in the world:

  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Corrective maintenance
  • Predictive maintenance

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