Wind Power is obtained by harnessing the energy in the wind, by converting the movement of the wind turbine reals into electric energy.

The developing of wind power projects is divided by own generation and private generation projects. It is remarkable that the more installed capacity the more profitability, therefore, we focus the projects in higher power ratings than 2 Megawatts.

What does GEENERA do regarding Wind Energy?

Currently, wind power facilities are profitable when they are installed in large powers, for this reason, GEENERA SAS only does installing for power higher that 2 megawatts or wind farms.

• Analysis of wind potential.
 Acquisition and negotiation of land.
Structuring and wind modeling.
Management of licenses to control agencies.
 Financing management.
Engineering and construction.
Operation and maintenance of wind farms.
Commercialization of Wind Projects.

Density of Wind Potential at 50 meters in Colombia
Installed in Colombia


Current Condition Analysis

A competent analysis of the current conditions allows to structure the bases in which the project is going to be carried out. To identify the principal needs in each client lets each project to be unique and customized.

Structuring the Project

During the structuring phase the integration of different approaches allows as to submit solid and well-designed projects adapted to the specific technical, legal, financial and tributary requirements, letting our clients to count with a holistic advisory for each project.

Application and Technology

It is important to have the access to the leading technology to bring quality, reliability and efficiency to the projects. For this reason, GEENERA, through the Processing and Technology Department will be giving continuous improvement to the costumer by acquiring helpful and conducive technology to achieve the goals of each project.

Engineering and Construction

The project execution phase integrates different engineering fields. From infrastructure tasks to industrial services, electric facilities and implementation of the energy system selected.

Operations and Maintenance

The accurate project’s operation and maintenance is a part of our compliance program taking into account the goals that have been set. Our team will be ready to solve whatever assistance required to prevent, correct and/or unexpected occurrence.

All our projects come with GEENERA care included, providing support, maintenance and management of the warranty for a limited time. With GEENERA care + you can access the total coverage of your system for annual periods.






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