Energy efficient system projects are aimed to solve two or more type of power simultaneously, it can be thermal energy and electrical and/or mechanical energy. The main objective of the cogeneration is to optimize the maximum use of energy during the production chain. In addition to this, GEENERA integrates Trigeneration process depending on the specific requirements of the production chain.

What does GEENERA do regarding to Cogeneration?

GEENERA will bring to the clients a range of possibilities for more flexibility to fit into the industry particular cases, with the commitment to offer cutting-edge technology with solid and adaptable qualities to grant the highest efficiency as possible.

The technology applied by GEENERA is:

• Micro generation and the use of residual heat
• Cogeneration with Rankine Cycle


The trigeneration is defined as the cogeneration of electric energy, heat and cooling energy. Trigeneration is an efficient way to use waste heat from electrical generation to provide cooling, electricity and heat through an integrated system from the same fuel.
A trigeneration system is reached by fitting together the cogeneration (by heat engine or turbine), with an absorption machine assigned for cooling, using thermal energy contained in cooling water and/or exhaust gases from the electric alternator impeller.

Due to the Trigeneration plants high performance, enables great cost reductions in energy consumption, where a large amount of heat in steam or hot water, cold and energy is required.

Can cover the demand for a 150-bed hospital
Were generated in Colombia per month with Cogeneration


Current Condition Analysis

A competent analysis of the current conditions allows to structure the bases in which the project is going to be carried out. To identify the principal needs in each client lets each project to be unique and customized.

Structuring the Project

During the structuring phase the integration of different approaches allows as to submit solid and well-designed projects adapted to the specific technical, legal, financial and tributary requirements, letting our clients to count with a holistic advisory for each project.

Application and Technology

It is important to have the access to the leading technology to bring quality, reliability and efficiency to the projects. For this reason, GEENERA, through the Processing and Technology Department will be giving continuous improvement to the costumer by acquiring helpful and conducive technology to achieve the goals of each project.

Engineering and Construction

The project execution phase integrates different engineering fields. From infrastructure tasks to industrial services, electric facilities and implementation of the energy system selected.

Operations and Maintenance

The accurate project’s operation and maintenance is a part of our compliance program taking into account the goals that have been set. Our team will be ready to solve whatever assistance required to prevent, correct and/or unexpected occurrence.

All our projects come with GEENERA care included, providing support, maintenance and management of the warranty for a limited time. With GEENERA care + you can access the total coverage of your system for annual periods.






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